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Ricotta Flocculators

These flocculators for the industrial production of ricotta from whey operate by means of steam injected inside the full-fat whey to trigger the flocculation process.

The system is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and consists of a vertical cylindrical flocculator with a conical bottom that has sides sloping at an angle of 60° and a central outlet to ensure a trouble-free unloading of the ricotta. The particular steam injection system is insulated and Teflon-coated to enable an excellent stirring of the whey and thus obtain the maximum yield with the utmost efficiency.

Complete with a control panel and a walkway for accessing the hatch, it has a 2B surface finish inside and out, with smoothed and brushed weldings. The system is complete with a washing device with two removable sprayballs.


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