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Dairy Storage Tanks

Tanks for storing raw milk, pasteurized milk, cream, full-fat and low-fat whey, for use in dairies of any size, and available in various dimensions and different versions depending on their principal use.

These cylindrical, vertical-axis dairy storage tanks are insulated and have various types of bottom. They are made entirely of AISI 304/316 stainless steel with weldings obtained by means of an automatic TIG procedure.

The dairy storage tanks are complete with: product loading and unloading conduits; a hatch; a connection for a washing device with a removable sprayball; a vertical vent with an insect-proof metal grid; a 2B surface finish inside and out, with smoothed and brushed weldings; a multi-blade vertical stirrer.

All parts in contact with the product are finished to comply with current public health and hygiene standards.


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