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Crossflow Filters For Beer

Della Toffola’s cross-flow filters are suitable for filtering beer by exploiting an innovative filtering solution through ceramic membranes that offers numerous advantages. The combination of an excellent structural quality and plentiful integrated technology with the characteristics of the ceramic membranes enables an efficient filtering process with excellent results and a tangible saving of time and resources. The membranes guarantee an incomparable durability by comparison with the traditional organic membranes and they can withstand high temperatures, sterilizing, and even cleaning with aggressive chemicals.

The working cycles are fully automated and there is no need for the operator to be on hand. Instead, operators can manage the machine intuitively and promptly by setting just two parameters by means of the touchscreen interface. In addition, the user has the opportunity to set up and control the system online with any Android device connected to the Internet (by means of the optional remote control module). The filters are available in various sizes (with filtering surface areas from 20 to 170 m2) and they can be customized to suit the needs of a particular client.


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