X Ray Inspection Machine Manufacturers

MEKI™. Excelling in X-ray food inspection

The options for foreign object inspection in the food industry have long been limited. Until now there were only simple metal detectors on one hand and high-price X-ray systems on the other. With MEKI, you finally have the choice.

MEKI™. Revolutionary in every aspect

MEKI is an automated product quality control system using the latest X-ray image processing technology. MEKI images the inside of food product sand detects foreign objects such as metal, stones,glass, bones as well as dense plastics. MEKI simultaneously performs several different analysis, such as shape, weight or content inspection.Even high moisture, salt content or packaging materials containing metal are not a problem. To make it a perfect fit, MEKI requires the least amount of installation space in the product line compared to any other X-ray quality control system.

MEKI compares favorably with any other X-ray inspection system, yet it only requires an investment closer to the one of a metal detector.

MEKI™. Makes X-ray inspection affordable

The most significant factors in the price of an X-ray based quality control system are the detector and X-ray generator. Unlike all the other X-ray systems producers,our roots are in the design, manufacture and optimization of these key components. This enables us to greatly reduce our costs, so we can pass the savings on to Mekitec’s most valuable asset – our customer.


MEKI is perfect for quality control in the following food sectors:

  • bakery
  • confectionery
  • dairy
  • ready meals
  • flavoring
  • vegetables and fruits
  • meat and poultry
  • fish


MEKI is particularly suitable for the inspection of:

  • packaged products
  • small and medium sized products

For applications such as trays with several products or multiple lines of small products, please refer to the datasheet MIDMEKI.

Detection area 250 mm × 110 mm
Conveyor speed min 0.1 m/s
max 1.3 m/s
X-ray power 30-60 kV, 0.2-2.5 mA, max 100 W
X-ray leakage less than 1 µSv/h
Detector Linear scanner, resolution 0.4mm
Software Mekitec X-ray Inspection System SW
Operating system Windows 10
Connectivity USB, Ethernet
HMI 12″ Color TFT LCD Screen
Operation temperature 0–35°C ambient
Cooling Optional integrated air conditioner
IP rating IP54
Relative humidity 30-85%, non-condensing
System power supply 110–240 VAC, 50–60Hz
Dimensions (w × d × h) 800/1200 mm × 515 mm × 2000 mm
Weight 75 kg
Material Stainless steel, brushed
Reject options Optional air reject or pusher with bins
System conveyor EU and FDA food use approved conveyor belt
Radiation protection EN 61010-02-091, FDA CFR 21 part 1020, 40
Safety switches Safety Circuit CAT 3, Performance Level PL d